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Medals are popular collectible items - often awarded to a person or organization as a form of recognition for athletic, military, scientific, academic or some other kind of achievement.

TOMKAR has access to thousands of designs and imprints and we are sure to find the perfect one for your event.  For your convenience we offer links to two of our favoured suppliers catalogues - you will find a variety of medals and medallions.  

Caldwell Recognition   pages 50 to 69
Awards of Distinction   pages 46 to 53

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Did you know -

Traditionally, medals were made of the following metals:

1. Gold (or another yellow metal, e.g. brass)
2. Silver (or another grey metal, e.g. steel)
3. Bronze

These metals designate the first three Ages of Man in Greek mythology: the Golden Age, when men lived among the gods; the Silver age, where youth lasted a hundred years; and the Bronze Age, the era of heroes. (The current age is called the Iron Age.)

This standard was adopted at the 1904 Summer Olympics. At the 1896 event, silver was awarded to winners and bronze to runners-up, while at 1900 other prizes were given, not medals.

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